What we do

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What we do

The foundation mainly supports underprivileged Maasai children in remote villages in northern Tanzania and southern Kenya.

With donations we enable them to go to an English medium primary school in Sakala. This village is situated in the valley between Wasso and Loliondo town in the Ngorongoro district of Tanzania. In Kenya we sent them to the government runned primary school in Oloolaimutia.

Because most children in Tanzania live far away they remain after school in a hostel for boarding. We monitor their school performance and health.

If necessary medical help is arranged. The children are selected by our foundation in consultation with the British organization The Mud House Children’s Foundation (MHCF). In Tanzania we mainly work together with the MHCF. This UK charity regulates all school fees, boarding facilities and meals, school uniforms and books in Tanzania. They have done this already for more than a decade now in close collaboration with the schools and local Maasai people. MHCF is therefore well aware of the circumstances of the children and their parents.

In Kenya we work toghether with the school project of Marie Culligan (FISI Camp).

The story behind the foundation “Stuur een Masai kind naar school”

Astrid Moolhuijsen, in daily life an entrepreneur and living in the village of Soest, is the founder of the Dutch foundation 'Send a Maasai child to school”. Below her story about the meetings with Joyce and Oloningo, which led to this foundation for support and education of Maasai children with or without physical disabilities.

I visited Tanzania for four weeks on invitation of my neighbours Tijda Deisz and her partner Fred de Soet in October 2016. At that time they worked as volunteers in Bukumbi hospital near Mwanza in Tanzania. Tijda is a physiotherapist and Fred an ITC-consultant. Two years ago, when they worked in Wasso hospital in northern Tanzania, they took care of the small Maasai girl Joyce. Her trunk had been burned for 45 percent because her clothes caught fire in the hut. With a lot of care she survived. Tijda and Fred support Joyce and her family since then. In my first week in Tanzania I worked as a volunteer in Bukumbi hospital. I've repaired four wheelchairs using new parts that I had brought from Holland. The next week Tijda, Fred and I travelled from Mwanza to Wasso. Apart from visiting Joyce Tijda did teach schoolchildren about fire prevention at their schools. When visiting former patients of Tijda around Wasso we found the seven-year old boy Oloningo. Because of significant burns on his right arm he was together with Joyce for six months in the same room of Wasso hospital in 2014. Although his wound recovery went well, he made an unhappy and malnourished impression. He had a dull look in his eyes as every day he was only herding the cattle. Only when we showed him a recent photo of Joyce a smile appeared on his face. Oloningo told us that he would like to go to school too. This was for me the final push to establish this foundation. Oloningo went to school for the first time in his life as per January 2017. This is the first Maasai child who has been given this opportunity thanks to donations to the foundation.

Sponsor a child

The total costs for the primary English Medium school in Sakala is € 750,- per child per year.

This amount is for school fees, boarding, books and school uniform and any necessary medical care.

When children are going home for school holidays free transport will be arranged for them.

Each donation will be spent on the education of Maasai children in Tanzania or Kenya.

Besides a general gift, you also can choose to sponsor a specific child,

thereby building a personal relationship with the child and family.

The continuity of the child’s education is crucial.

Strengthen the position of all Maasai

With your support and friendship, you will give a Maasai child a better start in life through good education and healthy food.

By sponsoring a child, you do not only support the child personally, but also strengthens the social position of the Maasai people.

Get involved, donate.

You can support the work of the foundation by donating money in various ways:

  • as a friend of the foundation with a periodic (3-)monthly gift;
  • by sponsoring a Maasai child for a school year;
  • by means of a general gift.

See menu INFO for our bank account details.

Sakala - Bright English Medium Primary School